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The aquatics department is another way to add an extra dimension to your workout routine. The pool and aquatics programs are always supervised by a certified pool operator, lifeguards, and instructors.


Since the pool is geared toward multiple users, the water temperature is maintained between 82-84 degrees. 

In our monthly calendar, you will find special times for water aerobics, lap swimming, and open swim sessions. In general, one lane is always reserved for lap swimming throughout the day.

A variety of exercise programs are also offered. Because water alleviates some of gravity’s pull, these activities place almost no stress on your joints. A trip to the hot tub can also be useful in relaxing stressed muscles.

Indoor Salt Water Pool

Swim_fit_class2A salt-water purification system provides on-site production of the sanitizer necessary to maintain water in a safe, healthy and algae-free condition. Sanitizer is produced automatically, within the water itself, and involves no handling, storage or adding of chemicals to the water.

Advantages of the Saline System

  • Healthy.
  • Prevents algae growth.
  • Environmentally and Ecologically Positive.
  • Comfortable swimming environment.

Aquatics Programs

Children’s Swim Lessons Register online!

Private Adult Swim Lessons Register online!

Mom & Me Swim Lessons Register online!


Home Aquatics

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