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Class Descriptions

A structured fitness class with a laid out, easy to follow cardio kickboxing program designed to work the heart and other key muscle groups. One achieves results with gradual routine changes. (Compared to Body Attack™, but not exact.)

A structured fitness class with a laid out, easy to follow exercise program designed to work all muscle groups. One achieves results with gradual routine changes. (Compared to Body Pump™, but not exact.)

High intensity/multi-level impact classes incorporating traditional aerobic combinations with stylish movement and motivating music. Our popular cardio dance program is a fun and
effective way to get fit. 

Belly Dancing • Dance Enhanced-Jump & Jam • Zumba • Zumba Gold • Kids Zumba Fit

Core stability stresses the importance of the body’s center of power. The core is the foundation for all movement. Regular conditioning of the core muscles is vital for preventing injuries, correcting posture and ensuring more efficient functional movement patterns. The benefit of core training is to develop a functional fitness foundation, essential to both daily living and regular exercise.

AB LAB • Core & MoreCore Stretch • Restorative Core I & II
Cross-training is the way to give yourself a full body workout. In cross-training, two or more types of exercise are performed in one workout. Cross-training offers great advantages: adds variety to your workouts to keep you interested and progressing; develops your entire body, rather than specific body parts or energy systems (aerobic vs anaerobic); distributes the load of training among various body parts, thus reducing the risk of injury; and maximizes your time. We have the most diverse and effective cross-training classes of any club in the area.
Interval Conditioning • Muscle Hustle
Body Blast • Triple Fit
Early Morning Challenge •
Kick & Cardio •
Ultimate Fitness • Boot Camp
MAX AB Endurance
Resistance is not futile! The most effective way to change your body composition is through weight training. It is effective because it builds muscle and muscle is the key to changing your body shape. Weight training stimulates your metabolism and the caloric burning effect lasts long after your weight training class. It also strengthens joints and aids in increasing bone density.
Ultimate Fitness • Triple Fit • Tabata
Muscle Hustle • Circuit Fitness

Cycling is a great low impact, full body workout to include in your exercise regimen. It is virtually impact free, requires no specialized moves, and is not difficult to get into — just get on a bike! We have a variety of indoor cycling classes to suit every level.
Cycle • Serious Cycle • Heart Spin

Developed by Izumi Tabata in Tokyo Japan. Using a combination of barbells, dumbbells, and body weight exercises to conduct intense cardio/sculpting intervals to burn fat and/or sculpt to perfection.


Strength Training for Mature Adults
A low impact, balance and strength training class designed for mature fitness individuals. Some routines are done using chairs and others are not. Tubing and light weights are used to increase bone density, and posture improvements are also taught to gain better balance , maintain stability, and build strength.

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