Fall Spring Sign-up Policy MRHC Pathway Program

General Policies

  • Green Program and 8U Pathway Programs do not require an evaluation. Your child will be placed in a group based on age and skill level. You can sign-up by emailing juniorselectionprogram@gmail.com for Green and 8u Pathway programs at any time to secure a spot.
  • Black and White Programs require an evaluation before entry, and we reserve the right to refuse entry based on our evaluation criteria.
  • Member pricing is only available for people who are club members for the whole season.
  • Your spot is not held for clinics until you have signed up and paid.
  • Once payment is made, you are locked into the slots, and refunds/credits will not be given for changes in your plans (see makeup policies below).
  • All payments for all indoor programs must be made by calling or physically paying at MHRC’s front desk. If you are a club member, please let us know your member #, and we will charge your club account.
  • Please do not talk to or signal to your child about anything related to their tennis class during class. This distraction does not help your child and only takes away from the instruction the coach is trying to give them.
    1. Your child will be eligible for the following number of makeups depending on which program they are in.
      1. Black Program – Two makeups TOTAL
      2. All other Programs – One makeup per class
    2. To be eligible for a makeup, you must provide 48-hour notice by emailing juniorselectionprogram@gmail.com that the class will be missed.
    3. The following situations are the only situations in which your child will be eligible for more than two makeups or to be given makeup with less than a 48-hour notice (max of 10 makeups under any circumstances).
      1. Injury – Doctors Note Required
      2. Sickness – Doctors Note Required
      3. Death In the Family – Proof Required
      4. Anything weather-related for outdoor clinics (Does not include it being too hot)
    4. Makeups must be scheduled by emailing David Wheeler within seven days of the missed class. This is so that everyone isn’t trying to schedule makeups at the end of the season.
    5. If a makeup is scheduled, it can not be canceled. If it is canceled or missed, it will count as makeup. So, only schedule a makeup if you know you can make it.
    6. We reserve the right to put five kids per court up to two times per class, per season, to get everyone in for makeup.
    7. Please try your best to do outdoor makeups where possible, as this will allow us to keep the student: court ratio low.

Specific Black and White Program Policies

Due to the level-specific nature of these programs, we take sign-ups by asking for player availability and then forming cohesive groups based on the availability of all applicants. Because of this, our sign-up process is very labor intensive. To make it easier for us, please abide by the following policies.

    1. Players are evaluated for entry into and movement within the programs by our internal criteria. We are always very open with you about those criteria and always happy to have that conversation. Ultimately we ask that you respect our judgment and trust that we only have every kid’s best interest at heart.
    2. We may grant entry but require that your child participate in an extra activity to maintain placement in the program. An example of this would be requiring your child do another sport or attend explosive performance training to enhance their athleticism.
    1. If you plan to apply to the Black or White program, please confirm your class day/time preferences BY THE END OF MONDAY, 8/1, to get added to the priority list.
    2. We will create a draft schedule as soon as we clearly know everyone’s availability. Once we have made it, we will send you your child’s class times.
    3. Upon receiving your child’s schedule, you will have 48 hours to confirm their availability or their spot will be given away.
    4. We may redraft the schedule if too many changes are required or other members of your child’s group could not make that scheduled time.
    5. Once we have indicated that your child’s class times are finalized, you will have 48 hours to make payment to secure your spot for the season. If payment is not made in this window, we will consider you are dropping out and offering your place to another player.
    6. If you are an MRHC member and indicate that we should bill your account, then you will be responsible for the amount you have confirmed to us.
    7. You can only consider your child signing up once you have confirmed their schedule with us, made the payment or permitted us to bill your account.
    8. Please understand that we do our best to please everyone and give them their desired class times. While we try very hard, it is impossible to please everyone, and we appreciate your flexibility.
    1. Your child is required to attend two group clinics and one private/semi- private lesson per week for the duration of the outdoor season to maintain his/her spot in the program.
    2. Your child is required to compete an average of 2 times per month in organized match-play such as UTR or USTA tournaments or leagues.
    3. We reserve the right to make or refuse exceptions to the above rules at our discretion. Exceptions are more likely for players who are younger or are at lower levels.
    4. While we are requiring commitment as outlined above, it is possible that we do not have enough clinic or private times to satisfy everyone, in which case we will do our best to satisfy everyone.


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