Frequently Asked Questions about our Adult Programs

Q) I am tired of the early AM calls and fighting for court time, and I am looking for some regular tennis. How does MRHC handle this?

A) Griff provides a free assessment and introduces players to free club sponsored programs, individuals that are already scheduled for play, and inexpensive organized flights directed by Lauren. In addition, he will assist arranging a court for you to hit with your family.

Q) I am 3.0-3.5 player that plays USTA and would like to have regular tennis and join a team as soon as possible. What does MRHC have available for me?

A) The club has 10 Ladies day time teams that compete in the local leagues. Each captain is welcoming to new players. Griff provides an assessment and together with Paige, Lauren and the team captain, they assimilate the new member on the appropriate team right away.  In addition, MRHC teams encourage players to move up from year to year based on achievement.  Also, the captains can include team members on additional USTA leagues for year-round play.

Q) I am looking for regular tennis before work and enjoy both singles and doubles. Can MRHC accommodate me?

A) MRHC has a very active early morning program from 6 -9 am Monday-Friday, which includes singles and doubles for all levels. Once you have received your free assessment, Griff will arrange introductions to players your level, and help arrange inclusion on e-mail lists for regular games. In addition, MRHC runs 2 mixers a year to help you meet new players.

Q) What does MRHC have for a 4.5+ female player interested in good competition?

A) We have a Ladies “A-1” team that plays a total of 14 matches, both spring and fall, and through Paige, provides practice opportunities on Friday morning. We also have regular evening women’s doubles and Rob run’s a weekly Thursday night mixed 4.5+ clinic to have fun while improving your doubles skills.

Q) What does MRHC have for a male 4.5+ player interested in good competition?

A) We have a regular men’s 4.5+ evening doubles group and Rob organizes a weekly 4.5 + clinic on Thursday to keep your game up. Also, early AM hitting is common and once you receive your free assessment, partners are arranged for both singles and drilling.

Q) What does MRHC have for a female 4.0 player looking for a well-rounded program including clinics, regular play and organized competition?

A) We have 3 ladies’ daytime teams that play matches against other clubs in the area in both the spring and fall. In addition, we have 2 daytime groups and 5 evening and weekend groups that provide fun regular tennis. We also have 4 daytime clinics and 2 evening clinics to maintain and improve your skills.

Q) What can MRHC offer a male 4.0 player interested in good competition who wants to improve?

A) We have 5+ regular groups that play weekend and evening doubles. In addition, we have 4 early AM or evening clinics to help you improve your skills. Also, our 4.0 players schedule regular early AM court time for singles play.

Q) What can MRHC offer a female 3.0-3.5 player interested in a well-rounded program who wants to improve?

A) We have a complete program of clinics, flights, team practice and regular play both during the daytime and evening. In addition, we have early morning clinics, lessons and regular play.

Q) In the past I played once, possibly twice, a week with the same players, and I felt stuck at the same level with the same players. What does MRHC do differently?

A) MRHC provides, mixers, flights, tournaments, teams, lessons and clinics, all designed to develop your game and help you meet new players.

Q) I am bored with Cardio exercise (treadmill and bike) and would like a Cardio oriented tennis classes. What does MRHC offer?

A) The metropolitan area’s largest and most popular adult tennis program (RJ TENNIS BOOT CAMP®) is offered here at MRHC. Our Pro Rob, offers 15 + hours of competitive and entertaining Boot Camp and Live Ball classes throughout the week that develop your skills, improve your fitness and make you more competitive. These classes are offered during the day, at night and on the weekends.

Q) Does MRHC have good professional tennis instructors available to teach me year-round and make me a better player?

A) Kristina, Casey, Barb, Griff, Sean, Johan and Lauren are all Certified pros, and they take special interest in their clients. They establish a game plan utilizing the club programming to maximize your special talents. They have many clinics available for you to join and offer private lessons no matter what your level.

Q) How does MRHC handle a beginner that loves the game and wants to learn?

A) MRHC provides a group instructional program that averages less than 4-1 student teacher ratio, that combines individual development, fun socializing with new players and cardio conditioning. In addition, it promotes organized flights and social play. The program now has 30+ developing players, many of who are now playing at the 3.0 club level. Many of our higher level players were beginners when they first joined the club.

If you have different tennis goals or questions that weren’t addressed above, please don’t hesitate to e-mail Griff at mrhc.griff@gmail.com

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