Racquets & Stringing

McLean Racquet & Health Club’s Racquet Sales provides you the opportunity to play with demos so you you can try the racquets before deciding on a new one. Once you have decided we measure your handle size and special order the new racquet. The prices are excellent and include free stringing.  We have a Stringer, Sammy Adjei, who strings on site so that you can have your racquet restrung sooner, as quickly as 24 hours, upon request. Typical turn around time for restringing is 48 hours. Below is a list of strings provided here, you are also welcome to bring your own string!

Regular String Member Prce Non-Member Price
Wilson Extreme Synthetic, 16 Gauge (D) $28 $32
Wilson Extreme Synthetic, 17 Gauge (F) $28 $32
Plus String
*Wilson Sensation, 16 Gauge (C) $33 $37
Wilson Sensation, 17 Gauge (C) (F) $33 $37
Gamma TNT 2, 16 Gauge (P) $33 $37
Gamma Live Wire, 16 Gauge (P) $33 $37
Wilson Ripspin, 16 Gauge $37 $41
Velocity MLT, 16 Gauge $40 $44
Premium String
*Wilson NXT, 16 Gauge (C) $41 $45
*Wilson NXT, 17 Gauge (C) $41 $45
Head Sonic Pro, 16 Gauge (F) $41 $45
Wilson Luxilon, 16 Gauge $43 $47
**Gamma Professional, 16 Gauge (C) (F) (P) $45 $49
Moto Glide, 16 Gauge $49 $53
Hawk Touch, 17 Gauge $40 $44
Wilson Revolve Spin $41 $45
Babolat RPM Blast, 16 & 17 Gauge $43 $47
Gut String 
Wilson Natural Gut String, 16 Gauge $65 $69
Other Services
Restringing with own string $15 $18
Re-Gripping $15 N/A
*Most Popular
**Most like Natural Gut

All McLean Racquet & Health Club strings are synthetic or natural gut which is the highest quality string that can be provided. The strings can be divided into regular string, plus strings, premium string and gut string. Each string provides improved performance features that include power (P), more comfort (C), more control and feel (F), and more durability (D). In addition, the strings come in different gauges, usually 15, 16 or 17 gauge. The higher the gauge-thinner (17) the more feel, the lower the gauge-thicker (15) the more durable. Tension is how tight the string is – the righter of higher the more control, tension parameters; our stringer knows the parameter and will be able to string your racquet to the optimal tension (center of parameter) which will provide the best combination of power and control.



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