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A former Olympic medalist with over 25 years of massage and bodywork experience, Elena has dedicated her career to helping individuals achieve their maximal physical and emotional well-being. Her work is tailored to the individual’s needs, working toward each client’s pursuit of personal health and wellness goals.

Continuously searching for different modalities and connections between modalities, Elena relies on her extensive knowledge of Swedish, deep tissue, sports, hot stone, trigger points, cranio sacral, and pregnancy massage, myofacial release, and stretching to address each client’s presenting needs. Elena views every client as a unique individual with unique and continually varying needs. She assesses the client’s needs throughout the session and works to move toward health and balance.

Elena was educated at Saint Petersburg college of Technical Physical Culture and Sports and the Belarusian State Physical Culture Sports University, where she earned B.S. in Physical Education. Elena received her initial massage training in Belarus in 1986. After moving to the United States, she attended the Fairfax School of Massage and holds massage certification from the Virginia Board of Nursing.