Katy Morse

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Inspired by eastern practice, coupled with a desire to relieve pain and heal injury, Katy decided to pursue a degree in massage therapy in 2002. Since graduating from Deep Muscle Therapy School in Wilmington, DE, where she learned deep muscle massage techniques, she has continued her education in different modalities including Thai foot massage, sports massage, facial rejuvenation massage, and hot stone massage. Being an avid tennis player most of her life, she understands firsthand the injuries associated with tennis including tennis elbow and rotator cuff tears (having had both plenty of times). Her concentration in tennis-related injuries focuses on the elbow, forearm and rotator cuff. She believes in applying Thai acupressure foot techniques to give instant relief to tired feet that take such a pounding from the sudden lateral motions of tennis players. After a session with Katy, clients report feeling considerably relaxed.