Griff Lamkin

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Griff Lamkin was an outstanding local player from 1966 to 1972, earning a No. 1 ranking in Virginia in both singles and doubles and No.1 in 1971 and No. 1 in the Mid-Atlantic in doubles in 1971.  He turned his local achievements into a college scholarship to University of South Florida where he played 4 years for a team that was ranked as high #33rd nationally.   During his years at University of South Florida, Griff taught tennis during the summer and following his graduation (Bachelor of Science, Economics) he settled in to teach at MR&HC in February of 1977 and he earned his USPTA Teaching Certification (Currently P-1).   By June, 1977 he was the Head Pro and in 1984 he became the club’s Tennis Director.  Griff organizes a wide variety of special events throughout the year including: The Early Morning Breakfast, Tennis Exhibition for Charity, Tennis Trips, Brunches, Parent-Child. Member-Guest, and Century Tournaments.  In addition to this, he manages an outstanding staff of pros, and supervises maintenance of the 5 indoor tennis courts.   He provides member assistance, including arranging matches and personal assessments for all new members.   Despite 40 years of teaching at the club, Griff still loves teaching and maintain a 35+ hour weekly teaching schedule, teaching students from 5 to 90 years of age.   If you haven’t met him or you need help, please come up and say hello.