Griff Lamkin

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Griff Lamkin was an outstanding local player from 1966 to 1972, earning in 1971:
No. 1 ranking in Virginia in both singles and doubles
No. 1 ranking in Mid-Atlantic doubles

Griff turned his local achievements into a college scholarship to the University of South Florida.
BS in Economics 1976
USPTA-certified Elite in 1977

Tennis Director at MRHC since 1984
Runs a multi-faceted tennis program and department. Coordinates & manages several tennis events throughout the year such as tournaments, mixers, trips, brunches, etc.
Unique ability to grow your tennis game- assessing and providing continuous feedback.
In 2013, Griff was voted Best Tennis Club Pro in Northern Virginia by Virginia Living readers.
Despite managing an entire tennis department, Griff still maintains a 35+ hour / week coaching schedule, teaching students from age 5 to 90.