Rob Carvajal

Rob Carvajal, Jr. is the creator and founder of RJ TENNIS BOOT CAMP®, an exciting, challenging, high energy tennis program which has grown to become the most sought after adult tennis clinic in the metropolitan area.  Rob has developed specialized programs for every level of player, from the beginner, to highly advanced USTA players.

A former competitive diver, Rob knows that fear has no place in diving, because one moment of hesitation can lead to serious, life-altering injuries.   Along with coaching tennis, he has coached divers, motivating them to overcome that fear, achieve excellence, and win championships.   His record as a dive coach– 20 Virginia High School State Team Championships and 17 NVSL Division One Team Championships–proves his coaching style works.   Today, the number one diver in the country began as Rob’s student at age 10 through high school, entering Stanford in the fall.

Rob brings his unique motivational and coaching style to his RJ TENNIS BOOT CAMP™, and has helped players learn to hit all out and play fearlessly, while improving their fitness, foot speed, power and mental toughness on the court.    Players have attributed their increased wins and their higher USTA ratings to his RJT BOOT CAMP program, and others have dropped up to 40 pounds.

Rob gets players from day one to use the right technique and hit all out.  From his beginner RJT STROKE IMMERSION™ class, to his BOOT CAMP DRILLS & LIVE BALL® classes, he believes it is easier to learn to control power, than to start hitting timidly and try to get to powerful.  Like his divers, he wants players to be fearless.  Anyone in Rob’s boot camps will hear him shouting out, “HIT THAT BALL! BE STRONG!”  Or, “LET IT ALLLLLLLLL OUT!”  Rob has developed his RJ TENNIS BOOT CAMP® so you can lose the fear, lose the doubt, acquire belief and emerge a stronger player.

Rob is excited to be a part of the McLean Racquet and Health Club family and is looking forward to the opportunity to serve you.